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Get the inside scoop on installing Aisle7 In-store on a iPad. 

Need additional support with your Aisle7 install? Contact Aisle7 Technical Support at 877.659.7630 or 

The instructions below pertain to software installation only. To learn about installing a hardware mount for your iPad or connecting to a wireless printer, click here.


Install Preparation

1. Make sure that your iPad that will run Aisle7 In-Store meets the minimum requirements:

  • iOS version 5.x or greater. For instructions on how to update your iPad, including notes on settings to be adjusted along with an update, click here
    • Please contact our Technical Support team before upgrading to any iOS version beyond 6.x to confirm compatability.
  • Active and constant Internet connection for the device
  • Optionally, an AirPrint-enabled wireless printer

2. Have the license code and store ID provided by Aisle7 on hand. You may have received these codes in a letter, e-mail, or a phone call with Aisle7 Technical Support. If you don’t have the codes, contact our Technical Support team at 877.659.7630 or

3. Your iPad will require a constant connection to a sufficient power source. However you decide to secure your device, make sure you choose a location within close proximity of a protected or concealed power outlet, to both ensure you have adequate power and in order to reduce the likelihood that the unit could be tampered with. If you need more than the 3' of USB cable provided with a standard iPad, use an Apple certified AC extension cord attached to the iPad power brick. If you need more cable than that, thoroughly test all components to ensure that they are capable of holding a constant charge. USB extension cords are not recommended. If you have any questions, please contact Aisle7 Tech Support for advice.


New iPad Registration and Preliminary Set Up

When you first power on your iPad, you will be prompted to walk through some basic steps to set up the device. Here are our recommended settings for each step of the set up process:

  1. Select the default language (e.g. English)
  2. Select the default region (e.g. United States)
  3. Configure Location Services. If this device is to be used solely for Aisle7, it is recommended that you choose the OFF option.
  4. Network settings – enter the connection information for your wireless network and verify that the iPad is connected.
  5. Next you will be prompted to set the iPad up as a new iPad, or to copy settings from an existing iPad. Most likely you will be choosing Set up as new iPad.
  6. Enter your iTunes account information. You will be required to sign in to the App Store in order to install the Aisle7 In-Store app, but you may delete your account from the device when you are ready to use Aisle7 In-Store on the iPad.
  7. When prompted, read and agree to the terms and conditions
  8. iCloud – for security purposes, it is recommended that you do NOT enable iCloud. When prompted, be sure to set this setting to OFF.
  9. Diagnostics and Usage – this is a largely unnecessary feature, be we recommend that you turn it OFF.
  10. Click Next to register with Apple. Registration happens automatically.
  11. Finally, click Start Using iPad.

Aisle7 In-Store Viewer Installation

When your iPad is ready for use, you will see the home screen with a collection of pre-installed app icons. Tap on the App Store and search for Aisle7 In-Store Viewer. Click the Install button and enter your App Store account password to download and install the Aisle7 app. 

When the install is complete, touch the Aisle7 In-Store icon on your iPad. When prompted, enter the license code followed by the store ID. Both are provided by Aisle7. If you copy and paste in the license code and the form does not respond, touch the screen outside the license code form and then select OK

You may choose to move the app to the “dock” (the row of icons on the bottom of the home screen) in order to make it easier to find amidst all the apps on the home screen. To do that, tap and hold your finger on the Aisle7 icon until it starts to wobble. Then, drag it over the dock and hold it for a moment, until the other icons shift slightly. Pick up your finger, and the Aisle7 icon will be on the dock. Press the Home button to stop the icons from wobbling.

You may also choose to move all other icons on the dock to the main screen using the same method – simply drag them off of the dock and wait for the dock icons to shift before releasing.


iPad Settings Configuration

Your are now ready to start using Aisle7 In-Store for iPad. However, we recommend taking the following steps to ensure that the iPad is secure from customer tampering of any kind. 

All of the following settings are configured using the Settings app, which should be located on the home page of your iPad by default.

Note: Settings options will vary depending on the iOS version on your iPad. These instructions apply to iOS 6.0.1. Click here for iOS 7 instructions.

  1. Open Settings and click on Bluetooth. Slide the switch to the OFF position.
  2. Click on Do Not Disturb and switch it to ON.
  3. Click on Notifications. For each item listed in the In Notification Center section, set Notification Center to OFF, Alert Style to None, and disable all other badges and alerts.
  4. Now tap on the General tab.  Find the Auto Lock setting, and set it to Never.
  5. Tap on General again, and select Passcode Lock. Tap Turn Passcode On and enter a four digit passcode. This passcode will be required to access the iPad each time it is powered on or recovering from sleep mode. If you choose to enable this feature, you must choose a memorable – but secure – passcode, and ensure that only the appropriate employees know the code. Keep in mind that Aisle7 will not be able to recover a lost or forgotten passcode, as each one will be unique.
  6. Now go to General and open the Restrictions menu. Tap Enable Restrictions and set a passcode. This can be different from the passcode you entered above, though it is recommended that you use the same passcode for ease of use. In the Allow section, set all items to OFF.
  7. Tap General again and scroll to Multitasking Gestures. Switch it to OFF.
  8. Scroll down to Accessibility, and locate the Guided Access menu. Prior to iOS 6, it was not possible to disable the Home button on an iOS device, and any app could be exited with a single press of the button. Obviously, this was not ideal for a customer facing kiosk. Guided Access allows you to require a passcode in order to press the Home button, resolving this issue. To enable it, switch it to ON in the Guided Access menu, then press Set Passcode and enter a code (following the same guidelines as before). Simply turning Guided Access on does not enable it, however. To do that, press the Home button three times fast and tap the Start button. To stop Guided Access, press the Home button three times fast, enter your passcode, and tap Exit.
  9. Tap Brightness & Wallpaper on the main Settings menu and slide brightness all the way to the right, to ensure maximum viewability. Make sure Auto Brightness is set to OFF.
  10. Open the iCloud menu and tap Delete Account. Even if you chose not to configure iCloud when you set up the iPad, your iTunes account will be automatically associated with it. We recommend deleting that account from iCloud.
  11. Finally, tap the Messages menu and set iMessage to OFF.


If you have any issues, don't hesitate to contact our expert Technical Support team at 877.659.7630 or