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System Care

To keep your kiosk running properly for your customers:

  • Keep your Aisle7 contact information and Aisle7 In-Store user guide inside the kiosk cabinet or in a convenient location for reference.
  • Make certain the kiosk computer and touchscreen monitor are turned on.
  • Make sure the printer is stocked with paper. Print an article to verify the printer is working properly.
  • Dirt and fingerprints on the screen can cause malfunctions with your touchscreen monitor. Make sure to regularly clean the screen with a soft, damp cloth.
  • Restart the kiosk computer once a month.
  • Keep the keyboard and mouse out of customer view. Keep the extra printer paper on hand.

Restarting Aisle7 In-Store on an iPad: If you exit Aisle7 In-Store or restart the iPad, start Aisle7 In-Store like any other iPad app by touching the Aisle7 In-Store icon.