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Updating iOS

Aisle7 In-Store for iPad runs only on iPads with iOS 5 or later.

To verify the version of iOS:

  • On the iPad, tap Settings, then General, and then About. Look for the Version details.

The online Apple store will also tell you if you need to update your iPad to a newer iOS before you install Aisle7 In-Store. To update your iPad to iOS 5, you’ll need an Internet connection and a Mac or a PC with the latest version of iTunes.

Give yourself time: Updating to iOS 5 will take 30 minutes or longer. 

The good news: After the update to iOS 5, you should no longer need a separate computer to update your iPad!

Preparing for the Update to iOS 5

To update to iOS 5, you'll need a Mac or a PC installed with iTunes and the connection cable provided with your iPad.

1. Connect your iPad to the computer using the cable provided with your iPad. iTunes should start automatically.

  • If you're connected to a PC, you may need to start iTunes manually.
  • If iTunes is not installed, go to to download and install it or find a computer already installed with it.
  • If you're running an older version of iTunes, you'll be prompted to update. Follow the update prompts.

2. When the latest version of iTunes has started, sign into your Apple Store account (or create one).

3. If you have not already set up iCloud or enabled Find My Mac, you may be prompted to do so. Neither are required to update to iOS 5 or install Aisle7 In-Store. If you're not sure, cancel the options for now.

Running the Update

1. Make sure the iPad is connected to the computer. 

2. Start iTunes if it is not already running. 

3. Cancel the prompt from iTunes to update your iPad with iOS 5. You need the iPad to sync (back up) its data to your computer before updating.

4. After canceling the iOS update prompt, iTunes should automatically sync with your iPad. If not, in iTunes select the File menu and choose Sync iPad. The sync should start. If not, check your cable connection or restart iTunes.

5. Once the sync has finished, go to iTunes and select the iPad. You can find it along the left side under Devices. iTunes will prompt you with an Update button for your iPad.

6. Click Update. When prompted, confirm that you want to update the iPad. It may take 30 minutes or more to download and install the iOS update, depending on your Internet connection. Your iPad may restart several times during the update.

7. Once iOS 5 is installed, your iPad will step you through enabling location services, choosing your Wi-Fi network, and prompt you to sign in with your Apple ID to setup iCloud. You'll also be asked whether or not you want to use iCloud to store your photos, apps, etc. You may find iCloud convenient, but it is not required to run Aisle7 In-Store. 

8. Now you're ready to install or update to the latest version of Aisle7 In-Store. For the install instructions, click here.


Updating to iOS 6

Updating from iOS 5 to iOS 6 does not require you to connect an iPad to iTunes. The settings panel for iOS 6 does include several new configuration options that are beneficial for displaying Aisle7 In-Store. For a walkthough of these settings, please contact our Technical Support team (877.659.7630 or


Updating to future version of iOS

Please contact our Technical Support team (877.659.7630 or before upgrading to any iOS version beyond 6.x to confirm compatability.