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Network Setup & Connection

  • Aisle7 In-Store requires a persistent Internet connection and access to port 80. Port 80 is used by all Web browsers, so if you can browse the Internet you can install our software.
  • If you are using a public wireless network, please be aware that some of these networks are set up to automatically drop all devices after two hours of connectivity. You can bypass this restriction by creating an exception for your computer or iPad on your network’s router. Talk to your network administrator for assistance.

Network Security

  • Many modern routers come with built-in “Guest” network features that allow administrators to separate private and public network traffic.
  • Some customers set up separate public and internal networks to completely segment their traffic. For example, one large retail customer connects their Aisle7 In-Store kiosks to a public wireless network, while all internal activity takes place on a private network with a hidden SSID.

Hardware Security

  • Kiosk enclosures, such as the Archelon mount for iPad, prevent customers from pressing any of the physical buttons or accessing ports on the device. The Archelon iPad mount blocks access the iPad home button, making it is impossible to exit Aisle7 In-Store without unlocking the frame.

Software/Operating System Security

  • Restrict access to external ports, files and programs on PC-based kiosks by using the Windows Management Console and/or third-party security software. 
  • Create a single administrative user that is the same on all Windows machines, and do not grant administrative privileges to any other accounts.
  • Use Restrictions in Settings on the iPad to disable access to all potential security threats (Safari, App Store, Mail, etc.), in case the shuts down.