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Aisle7 Online uses current well supported Web services technology to host and deliver health and wellness content solutions for display in any browser. It includes thousands of science-based and consumer-friendly articles across categories that can be integrated directly, dynamically, or via plug-and play-landing pages and widgets. Content can be completely styled to fit your site, with most content inheriting your site styles by default. Integration with social media such as blogs or Facebook is easy, with tools to help you explore and select the right content to share.


Aisle7 Online can be integrated using either the REST or AJAX API.


The REST API provides the fastest, most robust performance and is recommended for busy sites and sites with a technical web developer. If you start with a landing page or widget and one of our sample implementation scripts, you can add Aisle7 Online in about two hours.

An AJAX-based integration is available if you don’t have the technical resources needed for a REST implementation, have very simple site requirements, or if you want to implement quickly while assessing the best placements for customer traffic.