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Aisle7 In-Store


Supplement Basics

Get answers to popular questions and learn what you can and can’t say to your customers when selling supplements.

Installation and Support

Windows System Support

Learn the minimum system requirements to run Aisle7 In-Store on touchscreen or keyboard-based Windows systems, how to install Aisle7 In-Store yourself, and how to take care of your dedicated system for optimum Aisle7 In-Store performance.

iPad Systems Support

Learn how to install Aisle7 In-Store on your iPad, secure it for customer use, and update the operating system to the required iOS version 5. Also, get instructions for mounting your iPad on a counter or wall and connecting it to an AirPrint-compatible printer.

Security Tips

Get a checklist for securing your network, software, and Windows or iPad system for use with Aisle7 In-Store in a retail setting.

Printing Support

Walk through our troubleshooting guides or learn more about our recommended printers.