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Printer Support: General Troubleshooting

For Brother Printers:


The Kiosk Does Not Print

If the kiosk does not print, check the following items.

Does the printer have paper? 
See: Adding Paper to the Printer for Brother HL-1240/HL-1440Brother HL-5040/HL-5140.

Does the printer have toner? 
If the Alarm and Data lights are on solid, then the printer is out of toner. See: Changing the Toner Cartridge for Brother HL-1240/HL-1440Brother HL-5040/HL-5140.

Clear the print queue.
Access the Administration Tools, touch Print Settings, and then touch Clear Print Queue.

Try restarting the kiosk.
To restart the kiosk, see Shut Down and Restart, in the Using the Kiosk section.

Check the printer’s status lights.
If the printer’s lights are blinking, there may be a problem. See: What Do the Printer Lights Mean? for Brother HL-1240/HL-1440Brother HL-5040/HL-5140

Make sure the printer’s green Power and Ready lights are on.
Neither light should be blinking If the Ready light is blinking slowly, data is still coming from the computer and the printer should print soon.


Clearing Paper Jams

When the Ready and Alarm lights are both lit (Brother HL-1240/HL-1440) or the Status light is red and the Paper light is blinking (Brother HL-5040/HL-5140), paper may be caught somewhere in the printer. Before looking for paper jams check to see that:

  • The paper tray is not out of paper
  • The paper supply guides are set to the correct paper size
  • The paper tray is fully latched
  •  The printer’s door is fully latched on both sides of the printer

If the lights are still lit, check for a possible paper jam.


Checking for a paper jam

1. Pull the paper tray completely out of the printer. Look through the channel that the tray goes in (under the printer). Remove any paper hanging down from the printer. Place the tray back into the printer, ensuring that it is locked in place.

2. Pull the printer door open.

3. Remove the toner/drum unit from the printer. The toner/drum unit is the component that the toner cartridge is latched into. Carefully remove any loose pieces of paper from inside the printer. Place the toner/drum back inside the printer and close the printer’s front door.