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Get the inside scoop on installing Aisle7 In-store on a Windows machine. 

Need additional support with your Aisle7 install? Contact Aisle7 Technical Support at 877.659.7630 or 

Prepare for the Install

1. Make sure the system to run Aisle7 In-Store meets the minimum requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7, or Windows 8
  • Persistent high-speed Internet connection
  • To learn more about system requirements, click here.

2. Have the license code and store ID provided by Aisle7 on hand. You may have received these in a letter, e-mail, or a phone call with Aisle7 Technical Support. If you don’t have a license code or store ID, contact Technical Support team at 877.659.7630 or


Install for Windows

1. Start the computer or log in as the user that will run Aisle7 In-Store. This can be any user. Note: If the program is installed by an administrative user, the shortcut to launch Aisle7 In-Store on system startup will be copied to the All Users Startup folder. This causes Aisle7 In-Store to start automaticcaly for any user.

2. Open a Web browser and go to

3. Select Download for Windows.

4. Choose to either Run or Save (and then run) the Viewer Setup program. When the install is complete, Aisle7 In-Store starts.

5. When prompted, enter the license code followed by the store ID. Both are provided by Aisle7.

6. Start using Aisle7 In-Store!