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E-Commerce Linking is an add-on feature for those who already license Aisle7 content for their website. It allows end-users to click handy "Find Products" buttons - placed strategically within Aisle7 articles - and jump right into a site search for related products.

Upon purchase, you will be connected with an Aisle7 Solution Consultant that will help optimize the user experience for your unique site.


How E-Commerce Linking Works

Aisle7 content for supplements and personal care products can optionally link to matching products in your e-commerce system. When e-commerce integration is enabled, the following happens:

1. Your customers get a "Find Products" link wherever your Aisle7 content describes helpful supplements or personal care products. For example:

- At the top of each product guide and nutritional supplement article

- In the vitamins tab of health condition articles

- In the interactions tab of drug articles

2. Clicking "Find Products" passes the item name to your product search engine via a simple "listener page" that you create. The listener page submits that term to your product search engine. For example:

3. Your search engine or e-commerce system takes it from there, matching the term against your product database and displaying the results for the customer to browse or buy.


If you’re a new customer, we highly recommend adding e-commerce linking to your initial integration. This functionality takes the extensive Aisle7 library to the next level, providing customers with a clear path from unbiased wellness information right on to check out.

If you’re an existing customer, you can integrate Aisle7 with your e-commerce system once you have licensed our Conversion Package. The only work to be done is the creation of the listener page on your site. 


Basic Steps to E-Commerce Integration

1. If necessary, research how to pass terms programmatically to your product search engine. Your search engine or e-commerce system may have an API that makes this a simple task. Our tech support team is standing by to answer questions or review your scenario or proposed implementation.

2. Create a listener page that receives the term from the referring Aisle7 page or widget and sends it to your search engine. Once you know where the script will reside on your servers, send the URL to our integration support team at

3. Tell us when you’re ready to start testing Aisle7 Online with your listener page and we’ll enable the feature on our servers. Be sure to also provide confirmation of the listener page URL. "Find Products" links will display and point to your listener page within minutes of activation.

4. Test the links, refine the script, and make any adjustments to the customer experience until your e-commerce integration is ready to go live. You may use the following lists of possible search terms passed to help with your testing: