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Spend a few minutes integrating your Wellness Shop into your website. Spend days discovering new ways that it can help you and your customers. 


What's in a Wellness Shop?

Seasonal Campaigns: Create a series of targeted mini-campaigns spotlighting news, features, and product information relevant to the season and wellness theme. We provide standard campaigns each month. If you’d like to tailor your campaign, talk to us.

Promolink: Your space to display offers and promotions in the context of your Wellness Shop.

Newsletter features: Tools for helping you build a newsletter with the most current Aisle7 features for your wellness theme and collecting subscriber email addresses.

Buying Guides and Decision Tools: Help your customers research, evaluate, and purchase products related to the wellness theme

Additional Navigation: Widgets such as Top News and A-Z Indexes help your customers quickly access any topic in your Wellness Shop as needed.