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Aisle7 content uses a range of classes and ID’s in its markup. These range from the broad, such as identifying all elements of a type across your Aisle7 content, to very specific, such as identifying a specific instance of a content subelement. This structure allows you to target and customize the display of content at any level.

For example, these classes may be found within a single element:

  • You can target this div globally: “hni_ContentPanel”
  • You can target feature landing pages only: “hni_AssetTypeFeature”
  • You can also target this page only: “hni_ContentId1234”

Make sure the new selectors are specific enough to achieve your goals. When reviewing the markup, notice the multiple classes used for most elements, varying from global to specific, designed to aid you in targeting the style.



To target the Primary Callout widget link color globally:

div.hni_ContentPanel div.hni_HomeCallouts a.hni_HomeCalloutWrapper 
		{ color: red }


To target the Primary Callout widget link color on section home assets only:

div.hni_AssetTypeSectionHome div.hni_HomeCallouts a.hni_HomeCalloutWrapper 
		{ color: grey}