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Dynamic Content Targeting is an add-on Aisle7 data service that feeds e-commerce keywords—like product titles, categories, or even ingredients—into an Aisle7 algorithm that then finds and displays the best matching piece of Aisle7 Online content. The end result is a relevant Aisle7 Online article embedded into each and every one of your product pages. 

By linking our extensive content database with your existing product data, we can create a scalable, dynamic solution that will grow with your business. Once installed, your online shoppers will have access to the best matching Aisle7 articles that will help drive purchase decisions.


Subscription to our Dynamic Content Targeting service is an add-on product to Aisle7 Online. Upon purchase, you will be connected with an Aisle7 Solution Consultant who will provide guidance on how to install, including full product documentation.


Screenshot of Sample Content: