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We Are Aisle7®

From the beginning our mission has always been clear: we help people make healthy decisions. This is our passion, our drive. We are the experts in cutting through the clutter, guiding consumers to the right self-care decision at the right time. 

Aisle7 Who We Are

Our Story

Aisle7 was founded on the premise that an informed consumer is a healthy consumer. That's why, as a wellness marketing group, we are committed to helping others navigate the path to wellness. Our mission is to supply the reliable information your customers need to make healthy decisions, whether they are scanning the personal care section of a grocery store, searching your website or following conversations through social media outlets.

Aisle7 was founded over 20 years ago by Dr. Skye Lininger as Healthnotes, Inc (HNI). Today Aisle7 offers customer-friendly health and wellness content based in science, not rumor or guesswork. We deliver to all the places your customers look for information—websites, mobile phones, in-store kiosks and social media.

Aisle7 content also helps you build dynamic marketing campaigns. Easy-to-use tools, available at the push of a button, offer an effective way to help your customers make decisions in-store and online about the best choices in supplements, healthy foods and more.

We're a wellness marketing group. It's what we do best. And it’s why millions of people use our products every month.

To learn more about Aisle7, your wellness marketing group, please contact us.