Why Aisle7

Powerful API’s, Endless Possibilities

When businesses work together to create cutting edge health applications, everybody wins.

That’s why we built an extensible wellness platform that features leading content providers, data experts and technology vendors. We’re committed to contributing to an ecosystem that builds the next generation of health and wellness tools and services. To foster innovation, we created a simple, yet powerful API that provides access to our expert health content, tools and widgets—everything that’s part of the Aisle7® platform. 

Partner Inquiries

We’re always on the lookout for smart brands, agencies, health portals and media companies to leverage our joint connections to health-conscious consumers. Think you’d make a great partner?

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A leader in providing consumer friendly health information to health organizations, benefit programs and portals, Healthwise provides Aisle7 self-care information to its network of customers. This year, Healthwise has reached over 1 billion consumer interactions, or mission points, making the world a healthier place.

First DataBank

First DataBank drives patient safety and health care quality by providing drug databases within information systems. Aisle7 exclusively features First DataBank in its products to supermarkets and drugstores, so consumers can make safe, healthy decisions about their medications in-store and online.

Boiron USA

A leading homeopathic medicine provider, Borion and Aisle7 have partnered to create the Boiron Homeopathic Medicine Finder, an easy to use consumer tool to find the right homeopathic medicine in 3 clicks or less.


Rodale is an authoritative source of health, fitness and wellness around the world. Aisle7 and Rodale have partnered to feature healthy recipes from Rodale cookbooks.

Martha Stewart Living, Everyday Food

Martha Stewart Living is a leading provider of “how-to” information, inspiring and engaging consumers with unique lifestyle content. Aisle7 features high-quality, healthy recipes from EverydayFood magazine in its consumer-focused products.


Hyperion is a leading book publisher with a strong collection of healthy eating and recipe cookbooks. Aisle7 features Hyperion cookbook recipes